Professional Training
(Missi Shumer)

NHI Course #142055: Advanced Seminar on Transportation Project Development – Navigating the NEPA Maze

NHI Course #142005: NEPA and the Transportation Decision-Making Process

Local Public Agency Core Training Workshop, LaDOTD

Complete Streets Workshop, Alabama Technology Transfer Center

The Local Public Agency Process Training and Certification, Mississippi DOT

Native American Consultation for Environmental Professionals

FHWA NEPA Document Quality Workshop, Course #0819

FHWA Understanding Indirect and Cumulative Effects

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Section 106 Essentials

We can prepare professional project development and environmental documentation for your engineering projects.

We’re happy to provide our services to clients and firms who need strong technical writing, editing, and project management skills combined with an in-depth understanding of agency permitting and approval processes and requirements.

Our mission is to make our clients’ lives easier by being responsive to your needs, preparing documents that help you achieve your goals, paying attention to details and quality, and helping you navigate through the agency approval process effectively and efficiently.

Morales Engineering’s experienced team of experts writes documents meeting the requirements of the NEPA and other Federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Trained in Section 4(f) Evaluations, Section 6(f), Section 106 Consultation, Environmental Justice Assessments, Community Impact Assessments, public involvement, agency coordination, complete streets, and the overall NEPA process, we’re proficient in writing accurate and legally-defensible purpose and need statements for Federally-funded and Federally-permitted projects, presenting technical information and analyses in a manner that is clear, concise, and logical.

Because we work with technical and scientific subject-matter experts to obtain pertinent information, the Morales team is effective at taking their input and making the language consistent in style and easier to understand by the target audience, allowing the decision-maker to focus on the relevant facts, rather than be distracted by unnecessary information.

When you need a special study to document impacts of transportation projects, remember Morales’ associates combined experience includes serving as principal author and/or manager of more than 40 approved NEPA documents for Departments of Transportation in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee; and writing NEPA documents to obtain permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and providing input to the Federal Transit Administration for measures to streamline the NEPA process.

For more information on our company’s documentation services, please contact us.