Waterfront Engineering



Morales Consulting Engineers has a wide variety of in-house capabilities encompassing an expansive range of planning and engineering services. Within this broad capacity, we can cater to a client’s specific needs, offering highly specialized services. In particular, we have extensive specialized experience in the investigation, inspection, analysis, rehabilitation and design of waterfront facilities.

Specific experience involving waterfront design includes work on:

  • Wharves and Piers
  • Bulkheads and critical cofferdams
  • Roll On/Roll Off Piers
  • Mooring and Breasting Dolphins
  • Fender Systems and Mooring Devices
  • Ship repair facilities:
      Graving Docks
      Floating Dry-docks Basins
      Ship Rails
  • Container and Gantry Crane Rails
  • Railways such as intermodal transfer facilities
  • Waterfront pavements
  • Breakwater and Revetments
  • Shore Protection Systems
  • Ferry Berths
  • Public and Private Boat Ramps
  • Marinas
  • Underwater Inspection
  • Rehabilitation and repair of existing facilities
  • Value Engineering
  • Waterfront re-development and adaptive re-use of Historic Facilities


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