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Morales Consulting Engineers


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Structural Engineering

[dropcap size=”300%” color=”theme” shape=”circle”][icon icon=”refresh”][/dropcap] Morales Consulting Engineers can handle your bridge design, inspection, repair, and rehab needs – and much more!

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Waterfront Engineering

[dropcap size=”300%” color=”theme” shape=”circle”][icon icon=”crop”][/dropcap] Our team has extensive specialized experience in the investigation, inspection, analysis, rehabilitation and design of waterfront facilities.

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Project Development
& Environmental Services

[dropcap size=”300%” color=”theme” shape=”circle”][icon icon=”umbrella”][/dropcap] Need a truly professional bridge development report? MCE is at your service.
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Site Development Consulting

[dropcap size=”300%” color=”theme” shape=”circle”][icon icon=”desktop”][/dropcap] We love to be out and about! Our services include marina conceptual studies, industrial site redevelopment, historic facilities adaptive reuse and more.
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Forensic Studies

[dropcap size=”300%” color=”theme” shape=”circle”][icon icon=”cogs”][/dropcap]Need a professional report on how your structure has been damaged? No problem. Post-storm damage evaluation, expert witness, and repair estimates are specialties!

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Special Structures

[dropcap size=”300%” color=”theme” shape=”circle”][icon icon=”gift”][/dropcap]Have a challenge? We’ll bite! MCE would love to take a crack at your special structure needs and help make your project a success!
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[one_third][animation effect=”flip-y” delay=”200″]Top Team

Who We Are

Morales Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a Jacksonville, Florida based engineering firm. We specialize in providing individualized professional services in civil and structural engineering design for transportation and infrastructure projects. Read more >

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Our consulting engineers provide licensed, professional services to both private and public clients, including all branches of the public sector – municipal, state and federal agencies. Our team holds decades of excellence in engineering, with experience in jobs of all sizes, including multiple multi-million dollar contracts.
Read more >
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Our founding principle is to make it possible for each and every one of our clients to realize their vision. We promise to provide outstanding professional engineering services to our community and clients while we uphold our reputation for premium customer service.
Read more >
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Some of our recent projects

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Some of our valued clients

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Call us today at [marker]1.904.434.4366[/marker] or email [marker][/marker].

Morales Consulting Engineers is currently in process of setting up our new office facilities – and we admit, we’re not dressed for company!
If you need to meet with one of our team members, let’s avoid the dust and construction.

Please call or email and make confirmed meeting arrangements with our associates before stopping by. Thank you!
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[button href=”” style=”border” size=”large” color=”#d8d8d8″ hovercolor=”#d8d8d8″ textcolor=”#d8d8d8″ texthovercolor=”#000000″ icon=”envelope” ]Contact us[/button]

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